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Company Profile


TRANS ARCTIC GLOBAL MARINE SERVICES PTE LTD is a well established ISO 9002 Certified company and incorporated in Singapore in the year 2004 to provide professional, reliable, and efficient services to the shipping industry at a competitive cost. In the course of these past three years, our commitment to such an achievement continues to be our driving force.

We are now one of the most experienced top class professional shipping services in Singapore as well as in Malaysia and Indonesia and we constantly seek to improve our services and offer our clients the very best, both technically and administratively and this approach has certainly earned us the desired reputation and also the confidence from the Principals from various parts of the world.

Thanks to a dynamic team of professional and experienced people, and fully computerized and automated operations, we have established an excellent and trusted working relationship with our Principals and Clients.

We would like to extend our gratitude to all our Clients for their continuous support and confidence in us


TAG is a group of consolidated companies that made its foothold in the shipping and logistics industries. The company has its establishment since 2004 in the marine industry. We have grown from strength to strength to serve many international and government-linked organizations over the past 2 decades.


My main ambition was to excel in delivering high quality services to its customers and clients. My priority is to ensure that our motto “A Pledge of Excellence” is delivered in everything we do.


Today we have built our business by being 100% aligned with and ‘Driven by You’ – our clients’ needs. Looking forward, to maintain our position at the forefront of our industry, we must be constantly proactive in our thinking and our business ethics. Retaining our competitive advantage means not only being at the leading edge of technological advances and best practices, we will continually innovate and adopt Out-Of-The-Box thinking.

While many things will change and evolve, what will remain constant, are our Principles, which are instilled in every one of our employees, ensuring we stay focused on our goal of excellence in customer satisfaction.


As a global group of companies, we aspire to set precedents in honoring customer’s value, furthermore, recognizing that mutual growth with our Singapore and International business partners are the cornerstone of our growth, we constantly strive to build better and lasting business relations.


Although the volatile shipping industry changes every year, we will endeavor to attain our goal for the betterment and well-being of all our stakeholders. With your contrived blessings and support, I am confident that we will achieve our goal of becoming “Global” best performer in serving the marine industry.


In addition, as a respected corporate citizen, we aim to fulfill all our social responsibilities and contribute positively for the betterment of our societies.